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Mad Props Podcast Spotlights Comedian Slade Ham and His New Comedy Special

Mad Props EP. 64 Comedian Slade Ham
Mad Props EP. 64 Comedian Slade Ham

Listen to the episode here: Mad Props, Slade Ham

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In the latest episode of Mad Props, the podcast that dives deep into the world of entertainment and creativity, viewers were treated to an engaging conversation with Houston's own Slade Ham. A comedian with a knack for weaving humor into the fabric of pop culture, Slade is not just a comic but a storyteller with a rich background. He's a fan of Marvel and Star Wars, the voice behind The Whiskey Brothers podcast, and an author whose literary work, "Until All the Dragons Are Dead," captures the imagination.

Slade Ham is promoting his new comedy special, "Signal Noise," set to air on April 2nd, and Mad Props offered the perfect platform to delve into his creative world. The discussion traversed Slade's diverse interests, from his YouTube channel, which showcases his global comedic journeys, to his profound love for music, citing influences from Nas to Lil Wayne.

The conversation didn't shy away from the intricacies of content creation either. Slade shared his insights into crafting content that resonates, emphasizing the importance of quality and genuine connection with the audience. Amidst the saturation of digital content, Slade's strategy focuses on meaningful engagement over mere quantity, a testament to his dedication to his craft.

"Signal Noise" itself is a testament to Slade's innovative approach to comedy. With an introduction by Scarface and music from Candlebox, the special promises a unique blend of humor and cultural commentary, all made accessible for free on YouTube. This decision underscores Slade's intent to reach as wide an audience as possible, breaking the traditional barriers of viewership.

Reflecting on the entertainment industry, Slade and the Mad Props host discussed the dual challenge and opportunity presented by the digital age. Authenticity and adaptability emerge as key themes, with Slade advocating for a resilient approach to the ever-evolving landscape of content creation.

As the episode concluded, Slade expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to share his journey, while the host echoed the sentiment, urging viewers to tune into "Signal Noise." This episode of Mad Props not only highlighted Slade Ham's comedic genius but also offered a deeper understanding of the creative process in today's digital era.


- "Signal Noise" by Slade Ham presents an innovative comedic perspective, freely accessible on YouTube, making it a must-watch for enthusiasts of thoughtful and engaging comedy.

- With a global performance background and deep cultural insights, Slade Ham stands out as a distinctive voice in comedy.

- The Mad Props episode featuring Slade offers a comprehensive view into the creative behind-the-scenes of comedy, digital content evolution, and the future of entertainment in our digital age.

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