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Interview Overview: Sketching Up with Kyler

Be sure to catch Sketching Up this Wednesday! Find it here

In a recent episode of the podcast "Sketching Up," hosts Matt Tornetta, Chris Schnabel, and Kyle Scott welcomed guest Kyler for an engaging discussion. The conversation revolved around Kyler's experiences, comic book creation, and his life in Oklahoma.

Kyler, settled in Norman, Oklahoma, shared insights about living in a college town. He remarked, "right in the middle of the big, big college town," capturing the essence of his locale. The discussion also touched upon the unique atmosphere of game days in Oklahoma, with Kyler affirming, "Yeah, it's insane," reflecting the vibrant energy of the area.

The conversation took a deeper dive into Kyler's work in comics. He discussed his motivation behind his story "Outlaw Country," explaining, "I wanted to do something musical ish... I have these experiences... I can turn that into something." This comment underscored his creative process, highlighting how personal experiences fuel his storytelling.

Kyler also shared his journey into the world of comics. A pivotal moment was his exposure to DC's New 52, particularly "The Flash." He recalled, "The Flash number one from Brian Picholetto and Francis Manifold... showed me that comics could be... more than just muscle-bound dudes in costumes." This revelation opened up a new world of possibilities for him in the comic book genre.

Discussing the versatility and appeal of comic book creation, Kyler emphasized, "I can work essentially without a budget... for a movie, if I want to do something in space... I have to hire... special effects people... In comics, that scene costs me the same amount as a scene in a diner." This insight into the practical advantages of comic storytelling highlighted the medium's creative freedom.

Matt Tornetta expressed admiration for Kyler's work and the comic book industry, noting his personal affinity for DC comics. The interview also touched upon the nuances of character development in comics, particularly the depth of villains in "The Flash."

As the conversation progressed, Kyler spoke about his upcoming projects, including "Smash Quarterly," an anthology set to launch on Kickstarter. He also mentioned a webcomic, "Peter the Fish or Not," which he described as "Calvin and Hobbes meet Star Trek."

Concluding the interview, Kyler offered insights on where to find his work and engage with his content, directing listeners to Foreign Press Comics on various social media platforms.

The interview with Kyler on "Sketching Up" offered a fascinating glimpse into the world of comic book creation, the impact of personal experiences on storytelling, and the vibrant life in Oklahoma's college towns.

New Sketching Up comes out tomorrow! Be sure to subscribe for more!

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